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What a curious name, thought the Explorer. He wanted to bring back a specimen, but the fairies were fiercely opposed! So he settled for making an imprint, and as he thought it was pretty, he made himself a pendant. On the front, a small piece of Dragon Mouche's spirit was stuck. On the back, a bit of fairy dust and moon dust could be seen.



This pendant can be worn on either side. I made it from UV resin, acrylic paint, polymer clay, mica powder, brass wire and rhinestones in the centre of the pendant.

Total height 5 cm, Width 3.8 cm

The cord is free.

The jewellery is delivered in a jewellery box.



Pendentif Souvenir de Dragon Mouche

  • You can clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid prolonged contact with water, bathing, etc.

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