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Pendant offered by the Seer of the rue des Livres before my departure on an expedition. The front is delicate like a chocolate candy, she made me promise not to eat it, and her hidden side is a black mirror that allowed her to see visions.


Reversible pendant that I made in UV resin. Materials used: Button, brass wire, steel washer, gold aluminum sheets, silver rhinestones, acrylic paint.

Total height of the pendant: 7.2 cm, width 3 cm, thickness 1 cm


Earrings made of wood and UV resin, brass wire and golden aluminum sheets.

Ear hooks:

Material: Brass

Galvanization: Rodhié

Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Nickel Free

Total height of the earrings: 4 cm, Width 2 cm


The cord is offered.

The jewels are delivered with their case.

Not sold separately.


Seer's Adornment

  • You can clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid prolonged contact with water, swimming, baths, etc.

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