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The Explorer of Worlds believes these are remnants of the Age of Trees. Preserved in a congealing liquid, by the Book Street Seer... Who knows... if that's true, maybe we'll have a chance to see the World Tree grow back one day...


Earrings that I made in UV resin in which are imprisoned an ivy leaf that I dried. Brass wire, small iron beads and aventurine bead and green rhinestones.


Ear hooks:

Material: Brass

Galvanization: Rhodium plated

Lead Free, Cadmium Free, Nickel Free


Total height 6 cm, Width 2.6 cm

The cord is offered.

The jewels are delivered with their case.


Le Petit Lierre earrings

  • You can clean it with a soft cloth. Avoid prolonged contact with water, swimming, baths, etc.

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